Hengqin FTZ (Free Trade Zone) & the University of Macau Visit


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Hengqin FTZ is located in the south of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province. It is only 34 nautical miles from Hong Kong with proximity to Macao being merely 187 m. Covering 28 sq km, the FTZ plans a land reclamation project to double in land mass by 2020. As a national strategic platform, Hengqin is the first world-geared and Hong Kong-Macau-prioritized demonstration area in close cooperation with Guangdong. 
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Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to visit, learn more, and meet with the local Hengqqin authority & visit the University of Macau. You may choose to come back to Hong Kong on the same day or stay overnight in Macau. 

Details is as follows: 

Date : 24 February 2017 (Friday)

Language: English

Registration: Please fill in the attached registration form and email to activities@mcchkm.com

Deadline: 15 February 2017 (Wednesday)

Enquires: please email to activities@mcchkm.com

For the details of the registration & package fee, please refer to the pg 2 of the form.  Chinese Visa is required for Malaysian passport holder.

Tentative Itinerary 

24 February (Friday)

9:15  am               Meet at the HK Macau Ferry Terminal (Sheung Wan)

10:00 am              Taking Ferry

12:00 pm              Lunch at Macau hotel (Parisian/Holiday Inn)

1:00  pm               Depart from Parisian/Holiday Inn by tour bus                                    

2:30  pm               Meet with Hengqin development authority

                               Visit the University of Macau

6:30 pm                Dinner (Venue: TBC)

9:00 pm                Depart to Macau Ferry Terminal

10:00 pm              Ferry to HK Macau Ferry Terminal (Sheung Wan)

Participants can choose to stay overnight in Macau or return to Hong Kong on the same day.

25 February (Saturday)

Free & Easy

Best Regards,

Macau subcommittee
The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong & Macau)


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