Dato’ Seri Lee Kah Choon

Council Category
Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd

Dato’ Seri Lee Kah Choon is currently a board member of various state government-linked companies and corporations as well as private companies.  As a Director of Invest-in-Penang Berhad, Penang Development Corporation, and Penang Hill Corporation, Dato’ Seri Lee is actively involved in deciding the policy direction of these government-linked corporations for the State of Penang since 2008. 

He is currently the Chairman of Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd, Malaysia’s leading technology financier. 

Dato Seri Lee is also a member of the Investment Committee of Areca Capital, a licensed fund manager for individuals, corporations, and institutions.

Additionally, he is the chairman of various private companies. 

Industries covered by these companies/corporations include trading, packaging, food production, tourism, property development, wealth management.

Dato Seri Lee is also a Barrister at Law & a Certified Financial Planner.