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Welcome to the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong & Macau).

The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong & Macau), often referred to as “MayCham”, has emerged as one of Asia’s fastest growing business chambers.    It was incorporated on 20 January 2014 by a group of Malaysians residing in Hong Kong and Macau, most of whom formed the first Executive Committee under the overall leadership of Dato’ K.C. Gan.

From the start, MayCham enjoyed enthusiastic support proving to be the right idea at the right time.  Hong Kong and Macau support a relatively large and growing community of Malaysians, many of whom engage in business and industry professions. Our chamber fills a void for Malaysians in Hong Kong and Macau.

With MayCham, we now have a useful platform, which facilitates networking, support groups, events, projects, communications between overseas Malaysians and Malaysians, entertainment, investments and charities, including a well-endowed Students’ Fund to assist needy Malaysians studying in Hong Kong and Macau.  The chamber’s initiatives are continuous and generally well supported.

This is all made possible by the voluntary contributions of many people, a generous supply of time and effort, as well, as financial resources.  So many volunteers, both individuals and corporations, have stepped forward, as Patrons, Founding Members, Executive Committee, members, contributors, supporters and friends, that it would take a long list to have all names included.  MayCham has also benefitted from its hardworking and dynamic Secretariat to serve a rapidly growing organisation, now with about 370 members plus and still expanding.

We believe the founding EXCO and Founding Members, who conceived the idea of MayCham and pushed for it with huge determination, and the chamber’s numerous supporters and friends can take enormous pride in the success of this endeavour.

We welcome and encourage Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike to join our Chamber and experience the warmth and hospitality of our unique heritage.  To learn more about joining MayCham, please contact our membership team at membership@mcchkm.comWe look forward to seeing you soon.


Dato' KC Gan

Dato’ Seri Cheah Cheng Hye


The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong & Macau)

December 2018