Celebrating a Decade of Success: MAYCHAM's 10th Anniversary in 2024



As the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong & Macau) (MAYCHAM) approaches its 10th anniversary, we reflect on the incredible journey we have undertaken since our establishment on 20th January 2014. This significant milestone marks a decade of growth, collaboration, and success, made possible by the unwavering support of our founding sponsors, dedicated members, and the entire Malaysian business community in Hong Kong and Macau.

Over the past ten years, MAYCHAM has been dedicated to fostering a vibrant and dynamic business environment for Malaysian professionals and entrepreneurs in the region. Our numerous impactful events, ranging from business forums and networking sessions to conferences and cultural celebrations, have showcased the diversity and potential of the Malaysian business community. Through these events, we have provided valuable insights, fostered meaningful connections, and created opportunities for our members to thrive.

We express our deepest gratitude to our Founding Sponsors for their unwavering support, guidance, and commitment to our mission. Their belief in our vision has enabled us to build a strong foundation for MAYCHAM and contribute to the growth and development of Malaysian businesses in Hong Kong and Macau.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we take pride in the achievements and milestones we have accomplished. Our members have thrived, forged meaningful connections, and expanded their networks through the opportunities provided by MAYCHAM. The dedication and collaboration of our members have been instrumental in creating a vibrant and supportive community.

In 2016, we established the Students Trust Fund (STF), a testament to our commitment to nurturing the next generation of Malaysian talent. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to Malaysian students studying in Hong Kong and Macau who are in need. We are immensely grateful to all our members and donors for their generous support of this fund, enabling us to make a positive impact on the lives of these students and help them pursue their educational dreams.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, MAYCHAM will be hosting a grand Cocktail Reception on 25th January 2024. The prestigious ballroom of JW Marriott has been chosen as the venue to celebrate a decade of accomplishments, memories, and friendships. This exclusive event promises to be an evening filled with joy, nostalgia, and the spirit of camaraderie.

We invite our valued members to watch this space for more details of the event. Stay tuned for updates on the agenda, special guests, and registration information. We look forward to sharing more exciting news and announcements in the coming weeks.

Since our inception, MAYCHAM's objectives have been centered around promoting bilateral trade, investment, and collaboration between Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau. We strive to provide a platform for business professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities. Our mission is to foster the growth and success of our members, empower them with knowledge and resources, and advocate for their interests in the region.

As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, MAYCHAM envisions expanding our reach, strengthening our partnerships, and continuing to be at the forefront of promoting Malaysian businesses in Hong Kong and Macau. We aim to enhance the value we offer to our members through innovative programs, strategic collaborations, and knowledge-sharing platforms. Together, we will navigate the ever-changing business landscape, adapt to emerging trends, and seize new opportunities.

MAYCHAM's 10th anniversary is a testament to the collective efforts, resilience, and passion of our founding sponsors, members, and the Malaysian business community in Hong Kong and Macau. We invite you all to join us in celebrating this milestone at our Cocktail Reception on 25th January 2024, as we look back on our journey with pride and look forward to a future filled with continued growth, collaboration, and success. Together, we will shape a brighter future for Malaysian businesses in the region.