Merdeka Day interview with Maycham member and entrepreneur Gina Wong

Gina Wong,a member of MayCham & MAHK Chairperson, was live on 28th August 2020 (Friday) at 10am, as a podcast guest on Malaysian radio station BFM.

You can listen to the recording of the interview of Gina talking about how the Malaysian community in HK has become our home away from home and how our root connects us together and makes us bloom!

The highlights of the podcast include her efforts in leading the Malaysian community - connecting members through social media and launching the KitaJagaKita campaign to help businesses in need during this critical period. While our national day is coming in just 3 days, she shared her sentimental feelings toward the traditional Merdeka Ball jointly organised by MAHK and MayCham and how she is proud of the overseas Malaysians who demonstrate their talents outside our homeland while maintaining our culture and identity. 

Gina is also an active member of MayCham, the business platform for Malaysians to share and learn stories of successful Malaysian entrepreneurs and the community in Hong Kong. MayCham also acts as a channel for young entrepreneurs to kickstart their careers, while the Students Trust Fund and internship opportunities support and nurture young talents to pursue a better living and learning opportunities.

Don't miss out the wonderful sharing; you can find the recording online here 

gina wong_bfm interview