CHONG Hui Ying, Jamie (Ipoh, Perak)

Risk Mgmt & BI
Year of Class
HKUST : Class 2021

Why Hong Kong?

The past 4 years of a student’s life have been a wholesome experience. Practically, my life horizon has been broadened through experiencing the bustling study & work environment, whilst connecting with people from all walks of life.  Academically, I acquired the gist of studying under high pressure by learning effectively and utilising the rich resources provided by academia. Living in Hong Kong has also taught me to grab opportunities and take up new challenges. Blessed as the top financial hub, Hong Kong offers a lot of first-hand opportunities for students like us to get in touch with the industry. I had the opportunity to work under one of the top banks and developed a deeper understanding of the financial industry as a whole. The diversity of the city has also expanded my values as I converse with people from different backgrounds with distinctive views. These experiences have not only propelled my career aspirations but also reflect who I want to be as a person in the future.


How MAYCHAM student grant may have helped you?

“ The student grant has definitely helped my family and me to relieve the financial burden of supporting my study here in Hong Kong. A huge portion of the grant was used to cover my hall expenses and living cost. This allows me to focus on my studies without worrying much about the cost of my living expenses. On the other hand, the student fund community has been a great support of my university life. MAYCHAM has expanded my social circle in Hong Kong by connecting me to other fellow Malaysian students and working adults. These are the people who inspired me to go further and contribute back to my community “