LAU Khai Ching (Terengganu)

Year of Class
HKBU : Class 2021

Why Hong Kong?

“Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine. Fortunately, I was able to gain a spot in Hong Kong Baptist University to read Finance. Over the years in Hong Kong, my goal to help business owners to manage their finances becomes clearer. In more details, small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99.6% of my home country – Malaysia’s – economy. Yet, many of them fell prey to mismanaged funds. I could not help but wonder: "What if I could help?" Hong Kong is a land with enormous opportunities. I had the opportunity to work on different internships to gain professional experiences in the field. I spent 2 months working as a sales and research intern in a multinational brokerage company, and another 2 months working as an assurance intern. This summer, I secured an internship as a global markets analyst too. The exposure and experience one could gain in Hong Kong is fascinating. Life humbles me as I realised there is more to learn. Looking ahead, I am admitted to the University College London to study the Master programme in Finance. Despite the obstacles, I am still applying for scholarships to continue my studies. This, I believe, is what Hong Kong has taught me – to keep on learning and never give up


How MAYCHAM student grant may have helped you?

“ When I was young, my father’s business started to fail, leaving the family struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps not surprisingly, my family came to view education as a luxury – one that I could only afford by receiving scholarships to study A-Level in Malaysia and to attend university in Hong Kong. I have known MAYCHAM since my service in a Malaysian student association - International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS). I still remember spending nights amending the proposals to collaborate with MAYCHAM in different events to benefit Malaysian students. MAYCHAM also offered me a student grant that covered my living expenses in Hong Kong, providing me a worry-free environment to focus on my studies. My time in Hong Kong would not be as fruitful without the help of MAYCHAM. I have faith in being grateful and passing on the good deed. Besides supporting students financially, MAYCHAM acts as a role model to nurture Malaysian talents too. As a Malaysian, I appreciate the help from MAYCHAM, and I am motivated to do the same in the future“