PEH Bo Wei, Jo (PJ, Selangor)

Year of Class
CUHK : Class 2023

Why Hong Kong?

“Coming to Hong Kong has really widened my horizons, from understanding different cultures and also to learn a better way of handling matters in life. The opportunity given to us, even as international students, has been off-base equal and ample. I honestly believe that the exposures towards various engagements have given me the ground to actually rethink and reset my visions and goals, both in personal life and career-wise in a regenerated viewpoint. Hong Kong has definitely helped shaped me into a more mature, independent, and resilient person


How MAYCHAM student grant may have helped you?

“ Despite being granted a 50% scholarship from CUHK, the remaining balance a non-local student has to bear is still extremely hefty. My parents have been very encouraging and supportive of my decision to study abroad even under tight financial conditions. And so, to ease their burden and not to disappoint them, I have been very particular with all my spendings and wasn’t treating my body fairly during my first year, as I didn’t want to ask my parents to spend more after paying for my tuition and hostel fees. It was until my second year that I came across this MAYCHAM student grant and have immediately applied for it. Although the application took some time, I was able to get the financial support I needed at the most critical time. I can’t thank MAYCHAM enough for their utmost support to the Malaysian students studying in Hong Kong. This grant has tremendously helped to ease my family’s financial situation and also made my life in Hong Kong so much more bearable“