YAP Pui Min (Kuala Lumpur)

Medicine & Surgery
Year of Class
HKU : Class 2022

Why Hong Kong?

“ It is a blessing to be able to study Medicine at The University of Hong Kong, receiving a world-class education and learning from world-renowned professors. With the intense clinical training in school, I learned to be perseverant and disciplined. Living away from home forces me to figure out things on my own. I learned to be independent through the process. HK is a bustling city with everything within reach. The fast-paced lifestyle makes me learned to work with high efficiency. Throughout the years, I have grown much in character and in competency ”

How MAYCHAM student grant may have helped you?

“ The cost of living in Hong Kong is relatively higher as compared to in Malaysia. MAYCHAM Students Fund has helped to relieve my financial burden and allowed me to focus on my studies. The student grant also serves as an external motivation for me to strive for excellence. I am extremely grateful for the support. Besides, the student grant allows me to connect with other student recipients from diverse backgrounds. They have been my social support in Hong Kong “