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Laura Westbrook, SCMP

- ‘Merdeka Paddlers’ is the first group from country to compete in traditional event, which has been watered down this year to a closed-off session called the Stanley Invitational Cup due to social-distancing rules
- Their team spans two units, totalling 40 members aged 20 to above 60 from all walks of life, some of whom have no experience in the sport

It’s not just money, money, money. Malaysians – particularly from Penang – are drawn to Hong Kong for its cosmopolitan attitudes, shared colonial past and equality of opportunity

Still, it’s not all sweetness and light: pollution and overcrowding send many in the opposite direction when it’s time to retire

Two MAYCHAM members shared their business/family ties with Malaysia on the weekly talk show Colourful Journey, hosted by Mr. Gerald Lee

Power Talks - up close and personal